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Freshwater Macroinvertebrates
Categorized images of aquatic macroinvertebrates. Most of the specimens were collected from SW Washington (Clark & Cowlitz Counties). The rest of the macros were collected from other locations in Western Oregon and Washington. Expect future updates and additions to this portion of the website as I continue to collect, photograph, and research local macroinvertebrates.
<most recent additions: October 2015>
<macros & water quality resources >

FIELD GUIDE: Freshwater Macroinvertebrates from Streams in Western Washington and Western Oregon © Michael R. Clapp (temporarily out of stock - please check back in November 2015)
macros guide

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NW Habitat sites
Click on the link (above) or the map (left) to go to a Google Map which shows the location of the NW Habitat sites included on this website. Links will take you to pages that have pictures and information about flora and fauna. [ArcGIS Online version of map - shows & links to additional site locations]

volunteer looking for egg masses  

Community Amphibian Monitoring Project
Link to an exciting citizen (volunteer) science program in Clark & Cowlitz Counties, WA. The 2013 amphibian egg mass monitoring will be starting soon.


volunteer looking for egg masses  

Stonefly Search
A great opportunity for teachers and students to help scientists. Patrick Edwards (Portland State University instructor and Stream Insects of the Pacific Northwest field guide author) is coordinating the Cascades to Coast GK-12 Stonefly Search project.


Tips for Citizen Scientists
A Friday 5 blog posted by The Dragonfly Woman on Nov. 16, 2012

volunteer looking for egg masses  

The River Mile Extension Workshop
The River Mile is a program started at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area by the National Parks Service. It's goal is to encourage and support studies of the Columbia River Watershed by school classrooms. The program encourages STEM learning and inquiry field investigations. This extension workshop for teacher took place July 16-20, 2012, in Grand Coulee, WA,


Comet Falls trail - Mt. Rainier Natl. Park (Aug 2010)
Pictures from hike to Comet Falls in Mount Rainier Nation Park. Includes scenes, plants, and animals found along the trail.



Saddle Mountain, OR. (July 2009)
Pictures from trips to Saddle Mountain (Oregon) State Natural Area. Includes forest and subalpine plants found along the trail in the park.


Columbia River Gorge (Spring 2008 - 2009)
Pictures from the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, including places such as Latourell Falls, Oneonta Gorge, and Elowah Falls. The Gorge is a beautiful place to hike, with lots to see (towering basalt cliffs, incredible waterfalls, and bountiful wildflowers) and an incredible geologic story. (Note: many identifications are not yet completed.)


Mount Rainier National Park (August 2008)
Pictures from trips to Paradise and Sunrise in Mount Rainier Nation Park. Includes forest and subalpine plants found along the road and trails in the park.


wake robin  

Wake Robin - a SW WA lowland forest (2007)
more images >> April-June 2008
Pictures of plants, animals, lichens and fungi taken in a SW Washington lowland/riparian forest. The Wake Robin Learning Center property was donated to the Longview School District for use as an environmental study center. A number of experiments are being conducted by students involving the forest and stream (Coal Creek) running through the property.


Birds of the Pacific Northwest
This part of the website contains images of birds from the Pacific Northwest. Most of the birds were photographed in SW Washington (Clark & Cowlitz Counties). Many of the pictures were taken in my own yard. Expect future updates and additions to this portion of the website.


Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
A collection of images from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, WA. The photos were taken during a "Celebrating Washington's Wildflowers and Wildlife" workshop for teachers, sponsored by the Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle), North Cascades Institute, and U.S. Forest Service, with resources from the Washington Native Plant Society, and hosted by the Point Defiance Zoo.

Lake Crescent   Olympic National Park lowland forest
Contains images of Lake Crescent and the lowland forest at Barnes Point. Additional images where taken along the Elwha River, above Lake Mills. The pictures were taken while participating in a teacher's workshop at the Olympic Parks Institute (OPI) in July 2006.

Mike with salmon
student drawing of CAM Academy science teacher and nwnature.net creator, Michael Clapp
  2007 Sammy Awards
Michael Clapp was recognized with a 2007 Sammy Award (.pdf) for the work he's done in compiling this website, the development of a freshwater macros field guide (shown above), and water quality monitoring of the East Fork of the Lewis River with students at CAM Academy in Battle Ground, WA. The Sammy Award recognizes individuals, groups, or projects for their outstanding contributions to salmon recovery in Clark County.

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