East Fork Lewis River - Clark Co., WA

SW WA tributary to the Columbia River

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La Center (lower EFL) kayak trip - August 2012
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4

looking downstream from boat launch at La Center, WA

looking upstream - bridge over EFL at La Center, WA

3) Tom Pfeifer in kayak &
stocking cap

looking upstream - La Center wetlands beyond dike on left

photo 5
photo 6
photo 7

aquatic plant

looking upstream - rope swing in trees on left

looking downstream - rope swing in trees on right


photo 8
photo 9
photo 10
photo 11
tributary stream?
south side of East Fork

tributary stream? to East Fork

looking upstream

blackberries surround sign

photo 12
photo 13
photo 14
photo 15
looking upstream

looking upstream

tributary stream to East Fork

bank stabilization plantings

photo 17
photo 18
photo 19
photo 20
snake on bank (after swimming across river)

looking upstream


tributary stream to East Fork

photo 21
photo 22
photo 23
photo 24



(Ferruginous?) hawk

house along river

photo 25
photo 26
photo 27
photo 28

dogs roaming along river

beaver dam

logs & root wads in stream

river begins to shallow
photo 29
photo 30
photo 31
photo 32

woody debris & wetlands

tracks in mud

dragonfly on plant
aquatic plant
photo 34
photo 35
photo 36

aquatic plants

log along river

bald eagle

freshwater mussel & snail

photo 37
photo 38
photo 39
photo 40

clam shell


salmonid fry

looking upstream

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Lewisville Park


caddisfly netting

caddisfly pupa

flat-headed mayfly


aquatic moth

northern case-maker caddisflies





water strider & snake

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Under Construction

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Daybreak Park

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Lewisville Park

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Lucia Falls

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Moulton Falls
Upper East Fork Lewis River

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East Fork Lewis River Links

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Thanks to the following individuals for their assistance:

  • Thomas Pfeifer - invitation to kayak the East Fork Lewis River beginning at La Center

Notes regarding photos & captions

The images for La Center (Lower EFL) were taken with an Olympus SZ-10 digital camera. They were then cropped and enhanced (color, lighting, sharpening, image compression, ...) in Adobe Photoshop Elements. The images for Lewisville park were taken with an Olympus TG-3 (waterproof) digital camera. They were then cropped and enhanced (color, lighting, sharpening, image compression, ...) in Adobe Photoshop.The webpage was created using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Website hosting by lunarpages.com.

Please be aware that the identifications on this site are done by a novice naturalist. Any assistance regarding incorrect or missing identifications would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me at the email address shown below.

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