Waterfowl & Water Birds Photo Gallery

New photos posted: November 2015
double-crested cormorant
great egret
common goldeneye
(female & immature male)
great blue heron
great blue heron
glaucous-winged gull
sandhill crane
common snipe
tundra swan
tundra swans
Caspian tern
New photos posted: January 2013
American wigeon
American wigeon female
American wigeon male
bufflehead female
bufflehead male
common goldeneye female
green-winged teal
green-winged teal male
northern shoveler male
great blue heron
great blue heron (in tree)

Previously photographed:
American coot
pied-billed grebe
male mallard
female mallard

male widgeon
male wood duck
female wood duck
male northern shoveler

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male northern shoveler
male ring-necked duck
female ring-necked duck
male gadwall

male gadwall
male northern pintail
green-winged teal

male bufflehead
female bufflehead
female lesser scaup
female harlequin

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common merganser
male hooded merganser
female hooded merganser

Canada goose
Canada geese
Canada goose
tundra swan

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Note: Most of the images shown above were taken with a Panasonic-Lumix DMC-FZ20 digital camera, with a 12X optical zoom lens. They were then cropped and enhanced (lighting & contrast) in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Most of the images elsewhere on this site were shot with an 8mm video camera, and then individual frames were captured and edited on the computer.

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