The River Mile Extension Workshop, July 16-20, 2012

Grand Coulee, Crescent Bay & Crescent Bay Lake






bowl of non-native crayfish

male crayfish

female crayfish


crayfish links:

insects | beetles (Coleoptera)

ladybug/lady(bird) beetle
(National Geographic Animals)

ladybug/lady(bird) beetle
(National Geographic Animals)



insects - flies (Diptera)

green house fly



insects - true bugs (Hemiptera)

assassin bug




insects - bees & ants (Hymenoptera)

bumble bee

bumble bee


insects - butterflies & moths (Lepidoptera)
White-lined sphinx moth sighted at dusk, feeding like a hummingbird on petunias at the Grand Coulee Dam Lodge, Grant Co., WA

(morning-glory?) plume moth
Pterophoridae family
July 19, 2012


white-lined sphinx moth
Hawk Moths (Sphingidae) family
July 18, 2012

insects - dragonflies (Odonata)

skimmer dragonfly

narrow-winged damselfly


insects - grasshoppers (Orthoptera)





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Note: The images above were taken with either a Olympus SZ-10. They were then cropped and enhanced (lighting & contrast) in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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