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Water Quality/Macroinvertebrate Project



Keep the poster sizes between 14"X20" and 20"X24". Background paper is available from the teacher. Use normal, easy-to-read fonts (e.g. Times, Helvetica, ...) and text sizes (10 - 12 pt.) for the main paragraphs. Titles and subheadings may be larger and more varied.

Sample Project:
sample project 2
sample project 1
Additional Resources:

The following resources are found on other websites:


Graphing Data:


Macroinvertebrate Resources (on the website):



WA Dept. of Ecology

U.S. Geological Survey

Washington NatureMapping Program

  • Washington NatureMapping: Water Module has some helpful information about water quality testing and macroinvertebrates. Scroll down the left panel ("table of contents") to select the information you need. (The 1998 WA water quality standards can be found by selecting "Monitor"; scroll down to "Monitoring Standards", select "Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of Washington". Note: pH for Class AA should read "6.5 - 8.5")
  • Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of WA - summary table from WA NatureMapping

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