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Water Quality Monitoring

Our water quality monitoring field trips occur in October, November, and April. The annual Watershed Monitoring Congress, with student representatives from Clark Co. K-12 schools, happens in the Spring at the Washington State University-Vancouver campus.

Water Quality Monitoring:

Water Quality/Macroinvertebrate Project:

  • WQ & Macros Project -- resources for student project, includes evaluation form, student data, and selected resource (.html)


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East Fork Lewis River
WQ Testing at
Lewisville Park


  • test results & graphs (2005-10)
Students conducted a variety of physical, chemical and biologic tests to determine the relative health of the East Fork. Assisting us this year were members of the Environmental Information Cooperative (EIC) and community volunteers familiar with water quality monitoring. Learn more about our project.

East Fork Water Quality & Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Study - A project involving CAM 7 Science students to assess the water quality of the East Fork of the Lewis River and record the freshwater macroinvertebrates encountered during our monitoring trips.

Catalog of Aquatic Macros -
A collection of macro images from streams, ponds, and puddles in SW Washington

Macroinvertebrate Samples -
Image sets that show some of the macroinvertbrates collected and photographed at different locations and times of the year.

Students' water quality data has been posted to the Washington State NatureMapping - Water Module website. To view our data go to the Monitoring / Restoration Site Index. Scroll down the list of "Waterbody" names until you find "East Fork Lewis River." Click on the "East Fork" link that goes with Jr. CAM


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