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Salmon Links & Activities

  <-- Coho salmon in fish tank

Selected salmon-related links: (the links below lead to websites not maintained by BGSD)

American Eel

Life Cycle Summary Sheet:

  • Salmon Life Cycle worksheet (.pdf) - Blank student worksheet to summarize stages of the salmon's life and list helps and hazards to their survival. The seven suggested stages include: 1) egg, 2) alevin, 3) fry, 4) smolt [stream to estuary & ocean], 5) ocean [juvenile to adult], 6) migrating adult, 7) spawning & death

Salmon/Trout Anatomy & Dissection Information: (the links below lead to websites not maintained by BGSD)

Monitoring Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Runs: (the link below leads to a website not maintained by BGSD)

  • Students use data taken from salmon/steelhead counts at Bonneville Dam to construct Excel spreadsheets and graphs. The data is then analyzed and discussed with regards to changes and trends.
  • Adult Salmon Homepage - Fish Passage Center salmon count data
  • Fish Counts (Columbia R.) - US Army Corp of Engineers

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